Saturday, July 25, 2009


Assalamualaikum again!!

[sorry for not updating my post for a while...hehe]

What do you think of being responsible?

Well,responsible comes from the word 'respond-able'. It means, a person has an ability to control his/her respond when facing something...means....he/she can choose weather he/she wants to be positive or negative upon his/her problem. Did you get that?

For an example; there was a nurse that had to take care of an annoying patient. Everything that he asked for, was very annoying and irritating...not only for the nurse,but for everyone in the,everything the nurse had done for handling that patient, was without her willingness..Do you think she would be happy of being a nurse???

ofcourse nooooooooot!!

So, one day, when she attended one of Stephen R. Covey's talk[about being respond-able]...she got it and she chose to be positive towards her problem[that annoying patient]..and as the result....jeng3x......she felt happy about her job!! she didn't have to feel tension anymore, to think things bad about the patient, to worry...and a lots more!! just because she chose to feel positive towards that patient..and eventually, the patient also giving a positive respond towards her[gradually]...

So.....problems always come to us..we cannot avoid it! Do you think you can run from your own problems? Actually,the difficulty/the barrier or what so ever are not the problem..... because it will come to us in any condition. Our respond towards the barrier is actually the problem.can you see that?

If you choose to be negative towards your difficulty, you are making problem yourselves...but if you choose to act positive towards your problem, you are lighten your burden!!

the choices are in YOUR HANDS!!!

Living in a lot of choices actually is the life of a proactive person.
A proactive person is a respond-able person...
you are able to choose your respond...


-Seven Habits of Highly Effective people...Habit 1; be proactive-

Okay,see you next time..salam!