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First of all,
let us istighfar for a moment and send many2 prayers to Muhammad Adib, my ex-classmate. He is coma right now and hopefully he recovers tough my friend, Ya Allah, please help him to be tough. please 20000x!!!

ermmm......and for my new entry,

WOW!!! Muhammad!!! im very2 impress of you!!!!

From 'How to Win Friends and Influence people' by Dale Carnegie then to 'Khadijah -Kisah cinta sejati Rasullullah s.a.w', i discovered that all in all, our prophet Muhammad had been practicing 'How to win friends and influence people' in his DAILY LIFE!!! Subhanallah!!!

[Well, i supposed Dale Carnegie should make Rasullullah as his example, not Franklin D. Roosevelt or George W Bush!!!]

Firstly, Dale Carnegie stated that to take someone attention, you must show your concern about that person first. Same goes to the saying ' love others first then others will love you too' [something like that]. Well, for a clearer view, when you look at a picture, who are you searching for at first glance?? Of course, you search for your own figure, or your face!!!..hehe...

so, that tells us that, people are only interest in themselves. They love to talk about themselves. Try to remember, in your talk... you will use the word 'i' the most.If you received a phone call, you would prefer to say "i like this...i want...i took...i..and i....'

Believed it or not, the survey has been done, and most of people like to talk about themselves. dont you agreed??

so, to attract people, you should first talk about themselves- i mean, their interest, their hobby, their family or things that they feel proud of.

Dale Carnegie has done the survey and he gave a good example too. [ i will search the example later ]..And also, when you are leading someone to talk about his/her self, you have to bear with it. i mean, you need to be a good listener. Body straight and you hear them sincerely, your mind must in his/her talk- to show that you hear them sincerely.. with that attitude, you are not only can please him/her, you also can easily attract him/her to is as simple as that..

with this attitude also, Rasulullah had attracted Khadijah to him.hehe..
As you guys knew, Khadijah was searching for a man to handle her business to Syam. She tried hard to find the best man, with the best akhlak, the one that she could believed to take care of her money and business. can you imagine? At that time, most of the guy are jahil, like to berfoya-foya and its hard to find a good one.So at that time, people in the city were talking about Muhammad ibnu Abdillah, a man with the best akhlak, the best sincerity.[he fullfill all Khadijah's criteria for her business.] So, Khadijah called for Him. Muhammad agreed to meet her and the meeting went well...

Dalam perbincangan itu, Khadijah menangkap kesan bahawa Muhammad merupakan seorg pemuda cergas,santun, pandai menjaga diri, dan berpenampilan sempurna. Muhammad kelihatan tenang ketika diam dan kelihatan berpengaruh ketika berbicara.Dia selalu memperhatikan orang yang berbicara dengannya, memperdengarkannya dengan teliti, dan tidak pernah memperlihatkan sikap sambil lewa.{all the characteristics that we have discussed just now}

Then, what happened to Khadijah??

She was not only agreed to choose Muhammad as her representative of her business [ imagine you are chosen by a BIG COMPANY to handle their business in somewhere!!! WOW!!!]. She also……ehemehem.. had fell in love with Him!!. So, this tells us that, being a good listener and talk about someone interest could attract people to you! Above all, this also prove us that OUR PROPHET, Muhammad had practicing to be what Dale Carnegie surveyed, for the last thousands of years ago! Subhanallah!!

Secondly, Dale Canergie stated, when you want a person agree with your statement, please have them saying ' yes...yes.. first'. For example, you want to say that 'Nasi Goreng at Kedai Ceria sedap and at Nor Hakeem tak sedap..haha'. You would never get others approval if you criticize Nor Hakeem clearly, directly. This will hurt other person's pride or his/her faith [for those who really on Nor Hakeem side].And for your information, once you hurt their stand, opinion you would never get their approval even what have you said are the truth..For example, if you said," Hey, your driving skill ARE BAD!!!!" Of course that person would never agreed! " hey, i got my license well!! and the instructor never say me WRONG!!!! [ even he truly has a bad skill.] So back to our argument, how to influence them [those who on Nor Hakeem side]?

its easy, try to get them saying yes at first..

Hakeem: i wanna eat nasi goreng today!
Ceria: o0o, like to eat in a healthy way ,right?
Hakeem: yes {1}, that true. My mom always remind me to eat in a good diet.and a loot of vegetable.hehe
Ceria: oh, your mom is so great!
hakeem: YES!!{2} indeed, she is a great person!!
Ceria: So, dont you want to eat nasi goreng with a lot of vegetable here?
Hakeem: nak {3}..where?
Ceria: you can eat at ceria!!
Hakeem: but it cost me more!
Ceria: yes, but dont your mom would prefer you to eat a healthy food?
Hakeem: owh, well. I guess, i eat at ceria today.
Ceria: [haha..yes!!]

{}- refer to Hakeem agreed to ceria ;p

So, that was my little example. Then, how our prophet influence other person in his dakwah? He was not only using these techniques long years ago, he was also good at it!!!

At that time, Muhammad was in a great danger in Mekah. All Quraisy was attacking Him, trying to tell Him wrong. That Latta and Uzza were the Great and not Allah. How come Allah can handle this world by Himself? [They just couldn’t get the idea]. So they always send their people to argue with Muhammad.

Mereka kemudian pergi he Hushayn ibnu Ubaid ibnu Khalaf al-Khizami, seorang lelaki yang dihormati di tengah-tengah kaumnya.

Hushayn memiliki seorang anak bernama Imran. Saat itu, Imran telah manjadi pemeluk Islam yang taat. Dia sering berkumpul bersama kaum muslimin lainnya di rumah Khadijah untuk menerima ajaran-ajaran tentang Islam dari Rasulullah.

Para pembesar Quraisy mengadu penghinaan yang dilakukan Muhammad atas agama leluhur mereka kepada Hushayn. Hushayn sepakat untuk pergi menemui Rasulullah, sementara mereka menunggu di rumah beliau.

Rasulullah menerima kedatangan Hushayn dengan ramah. Beliau memerintahkan sahabat-sahabatnya untuk memberikannya tempat duduk. Lalu berlangsunglah perbincangan antara keduanya.

Hushayn: Benarkah yang kudengar bahawa engkau menghina Tuhan-Tuhan kami?
Rasul: Wahai Hushayn, berapa tuhankah yang engkau sembah saat ini?
Hushayn: 7 – 6 di bumi, 1 di langit
Rasul: Tuhan mana yang engkau sembah dan engkau mintai pertolongan?
Hushayn: Yang di langit
Rasul: Jika engkau tertimpa bahaya, tuhan mana yang engkau seru?
Hushayn: Yang di langit
Rasul: Jika hartamu hilang, tuhan mana yang engkau pinta untuk mengembalikannya?
Hushayn: Yang di langit.
Rasul: Wahai Hushayn, hanya tuhan di langit itu yang mengabulkan permohonanmu. Lalu, mengapa engkau menyekutukannya dengan tuhan-tuhan yang lain? Peluklah agama Islam, wahai Hushayn, nescaya engkau akan selamat.Jika engkau masuk Islam, akan kuajarkan kepadamu dua kalimat yang mendatangkan manfaat bagimu..

Then, what happened to Hushayn?

Of course, he embraced Islam directly after that. Muhammad got Hushayn agreed with his statement for several times before stating the truth. In that way, he would never hurt Hushayn's pride or faith on that matter. So, Hushayn can easily agreed with Muhammad and embraced Islam!!

So that is how Muhammad got his influence. Muhammad has practiced what Dale Carnegie stated thousand years after that!!! Subhanallah!!

I really want to state more, but humph… I forgot them already. May this little share could bring benefits to you in the future!!!

Wailal liqa’!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Salam again!

Last time i have promised someone to ‘copy n paste’ from an e-book entitled ‘LEARN MORE AND STUDY LESS’. Its about holistic learning, a way of genius students’ applied in their study at most.

Now, a good beginning for a premedic student, is to let you know how to speed reading. It brings you a lot of benefits, insyaAllah..

Read the following words:

“I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am.”

What is the point of reading all these words? There is a lot of redundancy as many
words are repeated. You could have simply read: “I am. x6“ and that would have
contained exactly the same information.

Reading requires that you consume the purest information possible. Simplicity means you acquire the information with the lowest amount of redundancy.

Speed Reading

If you can read faster, you can acquire more information. That’s just common
sense. But speed reading is more than just speed. Simply trying to read faster usually
results in lost comprehension. But by practicing with different reading techniques and
changing how you read, you can read faster with better understanding.
Speed reading could easily be divided up into enough techniques to fill another
entire book (and indeed it has: Breakthrough Rapid Reading is one of my favorites).
But I’m going to focus on three main sub-techniques you might want to try:

1) Using a pointer.
2) Practice reading.
3) Active reading.

Using a Pointer

Your eye doesn’t actually stay in one place on the page as you read. Instead, it
constantly makes tiny movements that slow your reading speed. Using a pointer can improve your reading rate simply by focusing your eye onto one part of the page–the part you want to read. A pointer has the added benefit of allowing you to control your speed by changing the speed you move the pointer. Speed reading involves more than just reading fast, as sometimes you will want to slow down to carefully examine one section, and skim over another that is less important. To start using a pointer, grab a book and place your index finger right below the line you want to read. Move it across the line as you read before going to the next line.

Although some speed reading experts advocate using a pointer everywhere, I tend to
only use it for books. Online articles and short sections of print don’t usually benefit
from the extra control a pointer offers.
Using a pointer will feel uncomfortable for the first two weeks. Until you get into
the habit of reading with a pointer it will probably seem slow and awkward. However,
once you adapt to using your finger to scroll through the page, it will make sense. The
extra control and focus it provides when reading is invaluable to boost your reading rate

Practice Reading

Another aspect of speed reading is practice reading. Practice reading isn’t the same
as reading in the same way jogging on the spot isn’t running. When you practice read,
you expect to absorb almost none of the material you are reading. The only purpose of
practice reading is to train yourself to comprehend at a faster rate.

1) You can practice read by getting a book you haven’t read before. Mark a point
in the book and set a timer for three minutes. Then read through the book (with your
pointer) slightly faster than you can understand all of the material. When the timer
goes off, mark the line you finished on.

2) Count the number of lines you read and multiply that by the average words per
line on the first paragraph and divide by three. This should give you your approximate
words per minute (assuming you read for three minutes).

3) This exercise can test your flexibility with improving your speed of reading.
Another exercise is directed towards improving your comprehension. Similar to
the above exercise, read for three minutes using your pointer. When you are
completed, start a paper writing down every major or important idea you read in the last three minutes (without looking back at the book).Write as many ideas as you can think of that come directly from the book.
Next,go through the book again and make a second list of important ideas. Take the number of ideas you correctly wrote down after the three minute session and subtract the ones you remembered incorrectly. Then divide this number by the total meaningful ideas
you gathered in your more detailed search.

Active Reading

Although I’m grouping active reading under the category of speed reading, it could
be described as the opposite of speed reading. Active reading slows down your reading
rate while greatly increasing your comprehension ability. Active reading goes beyond
simply highlighting your textbook and writing small notes in the margins, but fully
integrating ideas as they hit you.

To start active reading, begin with your book and a notepad. On the notepad write
the heading for the chapter and any subheadings for the section you are reading. After
finishing reading a subsection (using your pointer!), turn to your notepad and make a
few notes.
During your active reading you should note down:

1) What the major points are from the section.
2) How I can remember the major points from the section.
3) How I can extend or apply the major points from this section.

The first question simply gets you to acquire the information fully. The second
question forces you to link, visualize or metaphor the information. The third question
gets you to move beyond this and apply the information in a different context. These
three questions force you to move each major point through the understanding, explore
and finally application phase of holistic learning.

For example, let’s say I just finished reading a chapter in psychology about classical
conditioning. The major points might be:

- Discovered by Ivan Pavlov
- Connects a stimulus with a response

I might remember this by:
- Picturing Pavlov’s dogs which drooled at the sound of a bell.

I might extend this by:
- Remembering how I feel compelled to answer the phone if I hear a similar
ringtone on a television program.

Dats i hope you can apply this method soon.

Actually, you need to practice every day for 15 minutes per day for about 2 that, you form the habit
well, then you can apply it naturally in your study.

Good luck then!!!