Monday, July 26, 2010

Nah itu SEKULAR!!

Iya apa perlu dibelok2? iya kok terus aja.. kalau dibelok2, nah! bingung kepalanya!

Islam itu chantek! Peribadi perlu chantek. Kalau bukan? Nah itu sekular namanya! Perlu disertakan dengan lillahita'ala!!

haha, NAH itu sekular! ini sekular! lelaki harus kuat! haha, i'm saying no more~

After i've done with my BTN. That words keep coming around and around and around! hehe, mana taknye....intan, alya, dijah, and others keep saying that! it was the most memorable ceramah i'll ever had at BTN- Kem Bina Negara Meru!

In short, my camp at meru was a very relaxing camp.hehe, mandi!!
not too 'politic' yet too patriotic..alhamdulillah~ We discuss about Perkara 10 in Perlembagaan Malaysia. Its about melayu bumiputera n non-bumiputera.

Perkara 181-Kuasa raja2 in darurat, permaisuri n so on
Perkara 153- Hak istimewa orang melayu n bumiputera.
Perkara 152- Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan.
Perkara 3- Islam sebagai agama persekutuan (not agama rasmi actually)
Perkara 14- Kewarganegaraan...

I have new friends! its Lim Pei ying, Chian Jeng Ming (i think), then Nathaniel Jinho clement (indian-korean mix). I have lot of fun with my group!! Yeay!Group 11!!! ada alya, izzati aliah, adele, azizi, amin..bdak Bank Negara- Nur izzati, naufal, izzudin (kot) n 3 person i've mention before. Sangat la berkembang minda ni..lalalala~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Azam baru

Assalamualaikum miss blog,

Today is your new day as i have new task for you..hehe

Petang semalam tibe2 terfikir nak buat azam baru kat blog ni. nak mula cerita pasal diari hidup hari2 (x la hari2) i might further my study to oversea, then why not i write about my experience here =D

Not everyone have this chance right??

So why not? I can inform my family and friends about myself (which is you guys) within this medium. So dont worry. there are many ways to foster our relationship, you can visit my blog wherever you want at any leisure time you have!

Plus, this blog will last forever. My children (even my great great grandchildren) can read about their great great grandmother here..haha. Then, i wish they are not so spoilt in future and ignore other important things around them.

Hoho, what a far-sighted great great grandmother i am!!

As for today, my new diary is....

I got my MUET result today!!!

Band 4!!!



I'm doing my revision now while soft music playing sleepily from Hajar's laptop.Final exam is next week yet im still in a non-countious-dont-want-to-study state.. argggghhhhh!!!!

huhu, Oh Allah, please let me have my strength back, my ambition, my courage, my tranquility~
I think i make a lot of sins, thats why i cant have them now T_T

Oh, Allah forgive me, for im not being a good servant recently.....

Oh, forgot to inform!!

Today is my last study group before final. Thank you khadijah for being a good teacher and a wonderful friend!! May you'll always be loved by everybody in the future :)

And a big thanks i dedicate to my other study group members:

Ammar, Jojo,Azrin,Sabrina,Najwa,Hajar,Intan,Aliah

for being such a hardworking and supportive members..

May you guys always be a successful person in future!!


So, that all for today. May Allah bless you :)