Saturday, June 25, 2011



alkisahnya, semalam saya bertiga bersama shimah dan mell pergi ke mantri mall utk shopping kasut..almaklum nak mendaki 'bukit' malam ni =)

then when we wanna perform our solah,, we went to basement- parking lot.. heading to musolla there..n you know what?? I was so amazed to the way indian people parking their cars! hihi,,, like double storey bed! haha,, one car parked above the other car within the same limited-space at the same floor~~

i wish i can show you the picture. but, pity for me i dont have camera phone..huh.

they are so creative in inventing facilities that will help their society =)

good job! shabas!

>>actually, im still wondering how the car-parking-machine work out. ??

ok, bye.salam!