Monday, September 12, 2011

ziarah cikgu~


*okey, i'm in boredom right now. so here is my second post.hah

last (i dont know exactly when) few days, i went to smapk :)
nothing have changed much. not else except the buildings. not the juniors i know for they recognized me so well! haha,ok,,exaggerated. *ofcourse they know me, i'm their ex-dormmate :)

teachers and asatizah are all the same. ustazah hasimah (if im not mistaken) recognized me as well! fuh, she was a firm warden at my time. and all students scared of her.
mana taknya,, every subuh (when shes on duty) you will heard her shouting" bangun! bangun!" with hanger in her hold....and you know she told me what?

"mana saya tak kenal kamu,saya kejut kamu tiap2 pagi kan?" haaa, i think she told me still in shock dat she knew me.huu, scary bukan? i will imagine her with her hanger =.=

ok, but i like her :)

here are the pictures~

this is the new buildings:

bilik guru:

see you next time, salam~!

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  1. akhirnya, terlupa jugak pada sijil. jauh-jauh datang smapk nak amek sijil..